What to Expect

For Initial Consultation

Your practitioner will:

  • Review your health history
  • Discuss your health concerns
  • Make a diagnosis (called Pattern Identification)
  • Explain available treatment options to improve your condition and the expected outcomes
  • Answer your questions

For Acupuncture

Your first visit will take approximately 1.5 hours, and includes a thorough initial interview and treatment. The acupuncture treatment itself lasts about 60 minutes, but this can vary depending on your constitution and condition.

During the acupuncture session

Most people find acupuncture relaxing, restorative and restful. During needle insertion, you may feel a brief poke or needle-like sensation that will dissipate quickly. Or, you may feel a dull ache, slight temporary numbness, tingling , or warm sensation, which is called a ” Qi sensation ” (vital energy). Qi sensations differ across various acupuncture points and individuals. Once all of the needles have been inserted, you will probably forget they are there and feel relaxed. If you feel uncomfortable at certain acupuncture points, tell your practitioner. We want you to relax and enjoy your treatment and get the most out of it.

After your session

Most people feel relaxed and peaceful after their acupuncture treatment. Try to avoid excess stress or exertion after a treatment. If you received adjunctive therapies like GuaSha, Cupping, or Ear needles, your practitioner will provide you with special instruction. Check how you feel after your treatment and tell us on your next visit. Your feedback helps us to treat you effectively. Please feel free to raise any concerns us.

Treatment results

The outcome of acupuncture varies depending on each individual and other contributing factors such as age, severity, illness, duration of illness, overall health, diet and lifestyle. You and your health practitioner will discuss your prognosis, your treatment goal(s), and any other concerns. Some general guidelines regarding outcomes:

  • Acute conditions typically respond faster and it is best to treat them more frequently (2-3 times per week) and later on, once a week.
  • Chronic conditions respond more slowly.
  • Most people experience some degree of relief or improvement in their condition within 2 to 6 visits .
  • Some conditions like seasonal allergies can be prevented or symptoms can decrease in severity by treating before they flare up. For example, if you are allergic to pollen, visit us before trees & flowers bloom in the spring.

For Herbal Medicine

  • After your initial consultation, based on your practitioner’s recommendation and your personal preference, you will choose the form of medicine you wish to receive: bulk herbs (that you boil at home), cooked and auto-packaged decoctions, extract powder, or pills.
  • We have our own pharmacy. In most cases, customized formula can be prepared on the same day or within 24 hours for pick-up or UPS shipping.
  • For cooked and auto-packaged decoctions, we use clean, safe, premium-quality herbs that are lab tested. We cook them for your convenience using purified water, ceramic cookware and an auto-packaging machine that we imported from Korea.
  • We provide formula for varying lengths of time, from a few days to several weeks based on your health condition and experience with Chinese herbal medicine.
  • The formula is priced by the gram and the type of herbs used.