Client’s Reviews

Karis C. Belmont, MA

 11/27/2013 (at Yelp)

I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy three weeks ago. My left side of face was paralyzed  so I could not close my left eye, could not breathe well, and my mouth was drooped and twisted so I could not speak properly. I had been to several oriental doctors in Boston and Dr. Park was the best.

I got acupunctured three times a week and took the oriental medicine for the palsy. First week, there was almost no progress and I almost gave up. But in second week, there was a dramatic progress; my face returned to normal. When the disease first occurred, my physician told me it would take about 4 weeks to be back to normal or could be permanent. Dr. Park is very kind and clean. She explains things very well and you would see her washing her hands and using the alcohol for disinfect all the time. She also taught me how to massage my face at home and gave me the diet plan for the fast cure. I found out that my aunt who had insomnia was treated and completely healed at Park Acupuncture. Also, her friend who had severe pain on her right wrist got acupunctured  and completely healed as well.

I love this place and I strongly recommend this place for people who are suffering from the physical pain. Thank you Dr. Park!

Sun K. Reading, MA

12/29/2012 (at Yelp)
I used to play basket ball and soccer every week and I had have lots of injuries and I did not go to hospital to have treatment because I had thought the sprain would be treated by itself.

And two month ago, when I also played basket ball, I jumped and stepped someone’s foot and my ankle was totally twisted and I sprained my ankle so badly. I had have similar incident few times, so I know the level of pain, but this time the pain and swelling was bad enough. I could not move for 10 minutes, just laid down on the court, and my body and teeth were kept shaking. So I went to Emergency Room and Doctor said that a small chip of bone was split. But a happy feature of a misfortune, I did not need to have a surgery. Because of the bad fracture, I was not able to touch the floor, could not move my leg, and I needed to do something because ER did not offer any treatment but just pain relief medicine for the bad swelling and pain.

So next day, I went to Park Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine and got first acupuncture treatment. I was late for the appointment because of traffic but she waited for me 1hours after office hour. And she makes me to feel comfort.

After the first acupuncture treatment and the massage with herbal tincture, swelling go down in two days, and it looked like a magic. I had heard the effect of acupuncture treatment but I was skeptical about it. However, now I can understand why my friends always recommend the acupuncture treatment after injury. And the pain was gone right away next day. So I did not need to use my prescription for the strong pain relief. I had kept having follow-up treatment and massage with herbal tincture for few weeks. I know the importance of first aid treatment when sprained. I recommend you to put an ice on the place of injury at least an hour and then go to hospital but they will just give you a prescription and a crutch.

Therefore, go to Park Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine, then you will have right treatment for your injuries.
And she will treat you as a family even if you are late on the appointment like me.

Joseph H. Arlington, MA

12/12/2012 (at Yelp)
In my early forties I was mowed down with stomach problems and suffered debilitating pain and discomfort for roughly 18 months – including passing awful gas. I was referred to Ms. Park about a year or so into my ordeal and she greatly helped my gastrointestinal issues with a combination of acupuncture, herbs, and suggestions for supplements. She is a wise and patient counselor and a great listener. To me, she was heaven-sent! Today I am pain-free as long as I watch my diet and do not pass as much gas. I continue to go to Ms. Park for a weekly “tune-up”, but will likely progress to where I can see her every other week for maintenance of my situation. I would recommend her wholeheartedly and do frequently!

Rita L.

6/2012 (at Google)

Acupuncture and Oriental Herbal Medicine. I came to Ms. Park to be treated for frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) in both shoulders. She is actually the third acupuncturist I have worked with for my frozen shoulders and her treatment was the only one that gave me a pronounced pain relief starting with the very first session. Frozen shoulder is a very frustrating condition where one experiences shoulder joint pain, a lot of referred pain down one’s arm and upper back, and the movement of the affected arm becomes extremely limited. Even small movements are difficult due to the intense pain. In my case, the treatment I received from my Orthopedist was a cortisone injection in my shoulder joint, however I was unresponsive to this treatment and was unable to practice Physical Therapy exercises to try to regain mobility in my shoulders due to the amount of pain I experienced. My only alternative with Western Medicine was to constantly take prescription and nonprescription NSAIDs. This worried me as I didn’t want to be taking drugs that had side effects on a daily basis. With Ms. Park’s treatment (both Acupuncture, Cupping, and Oriental Herbal Medicine), I experienced progressively less and less pain, and within three weeks of treatment, I did not take any NSAIDs for pain. Currently, I am able to do exercises to regain my mobility that I couldn’t before as it was too painful. In addition to her expertise, one thing that stands out about Ms. Park is how caring and calming she is. I found her warmth and concern to be most helpful and comforting. She is easy to talk to and listens attentively. In addition, Ms. Park was the only acupuncturist (out of 3) who diagnosed me with a “blood deficiency”, and treated me for this problem which helped my overall health and energy levels. I feel very fortunate to have found Ms. Park. Having frozen shoulder has been frustrating, but I am well on my way to recovery thanks to her!

D.G Boston, MA

8/25/2011 (at Yelp)
Really helped with my back pain and insomnia! Very calming environment and relaxing treatment. I was nervous at first because needles aren’t my thing, but I am definitely convinced! I would highly recommend Park acupuncture.

Yeong K, Lexington, MA

6/26/2011 (at Yelp)
In my early 50s, I started experiencing menopause symptoms. Last winter, I dramatically gained weight, feeling fatigue and frequently suffered from colds. Due to sudden weight gain, I had pain in my ankles and knees as well as chronic fatigue. This is when I learned about the Detoxification/Weight Loss with acupuncture and Oriental medicine at PARK Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Clinic. When first introduced to the diet program, I wasn’t completely willing to go through it thinking that it would require that I take the traditional bitter oriental medicine that I tasted when I was growing up. Despite my slight resistance, I decided to commit myself to the program after listening that many people I know had already experienced successful results from the program. Usually being on a diet obliges one to abstain from eating food, resulting in malnutrition and the “yo-yo effect.” Unlike this traditional notion of a diet, I am very pleased with the result of this detoxification/weight loss program. This diet involves reducing the amount of food intake for the first week while eating the oriental medicine prescribed by Dr. Park after her diagnosis of my condition. The medicine was not bitter at all. During my second week, I drank diluted fermented juice with water for five days. Surprisingly, the juice tasted good. Although I didn’t eat any food other than the juice, I didn’t feel hungry a bit, nor did I even have an appetite. As a housewife, I had to prepare each meal while I was on the program, and yet it didn’t bother me at all that I couldn’t eat. After finishing the juice, I lost 10 pounds and started an unsalted diet as a follow-up. At first, the unsalted food tasted a bit strange, but it didn’t take long for me to get used to the new diet and could finish the diet without much trouble on the schedule, which was 10 days. In three weeks since I started the program, I lost a total of 13 pounds. Now that it has been over a month, I have been maintaining my weight. I started walking a bit as well after the program was over, which helped me lose even more weight and gain some muscle mass. I am now free from the pain in my ankles and knees and no longer experience swelling of my hands and feet which I had experienced for the most of my life. I am positive that the disappearance of the swelling is mainly due to the diet without salt. I can now eat “normal” food. Yet, I have developed a healthy eating habit from the program. I enjoy eating food with little or no salt and vegetables rather than salty and spicy food. Consequently, I stay away from unhealthy food that I used to enjoy. The best thing I gained from this program is that I learned how to recover my health without undergoing unhealthy diets that required mere fasting that just harmed my health. I sincerely thank Dr. Park at PARK Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Clinic. I can trust her since she considers her patients’ well-being as her top priority rather than being lucrative. Another great thing about the clinic is that its location is very convenient for parking. I have been recommending this program to many of my acquaintances with confidence. Once again, thank you, Dr. Park, for allowing me to succeed in losing weight and recovering health without experiencing the yo-yo effect!

Robin L.

6/2010 (at Google)
I absolutely love going for my session with Mikyung for acupuncture. She is always ready for me when I arrive, is so very polite, caring, considerate, and confident in her knowledge of how best to treat me. She listens closely to my concerns and does a complete evaluation before she starts our session. That is very important to me. Mikyung has created a very peaceful fungshui entrance-way and seating area. The whole experience is wonderful. If you have never been here for a healing, you don’t know what you are missing. Thank you Mikyung.

Marek K.

reviewed Sep.2 2009
Mikyung Park @ Acupark
Acu-Puncture living guard!
Needles thin and needles thick
Pierce my skin with gentle prick
Sending waves of healing force
Mend my muscles, tendons, flesh
Raise my Ying and Yang at once
Bring my mental skills together
That I can without a thought
Number ? divide by four!
Write a verse or play the piano,
Chop the wood and cook a meal